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Review of: Opening Up



 Published :  4/25/2012    

Kindle Edition: about 294 pages

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My Review

Bronwyn Mitchell's living large...arm candy for her self-absorbed husband, Ron, whose super-charged libido gets him into all sorts of trouble.  Well, Bronwyn's liberal enough in her thinking but, when Ron brings home the next 'Marilyn-Monroe-Wannabe' actress and proposes a threesome...thank Heavens Bronwyn has sense enough to get out!  The only problem with leaving the old cushy life behind and starting fresh is that she has no real skills: except, of course, she looks great in a skirt. 

Bronwyn's soul searching as she struggles through the confusion of her life-change, leads her to some interesting conclusions about her personal value.  On the way to enlightenment, she bumps into her old flame (that she ditched to marry the wealthier, Ron) and an insular clerk at Changes, the bookstore her friends keep telling her to visit.  Changes, symbolically enough, is a bit of a metaphor for Bronwyn's experiences.  The author cleverly weaves in some of the passages of books Bronwyn chooses from Changes, which help her reflect on her situation.

The story is fast-paced, and, at the beginning I found it a little hard to bond with Bronwyn.  The theme of a poor little rich girl -shaken up by one more decadent thing in her life- just wasn't getting it for me.  I wanted to slap her a couple of times when it seemed she really was clueless.  I was pleasantly surprised by the soul searching she did and the realizations that resulted.  Over-all, I enjoyed this book. I rated it with 3 stars and plan to read Campbell's next one.

This review copy was provided to me by the author.  The content is my honest opinion of the work and was not influenced by the gift.

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Read what other reviewers think of Nancy Jill Thame's Books

Murder in Half Moon Bay (The Jillian Bradley Mysteries, Vol. 1) From the Clutches of Evil: A Jillian Bradley Mystery The Mark of Eden: A Jillian Bradley Mystery The Ghost Orchid Murder (The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series, Vol. 2)
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From the first book, I was hooked. Who can imagine a female protagonist-our age-Baby Boomers-who gets into so much trouble? At every turn, Jillian is engrossed in a mystery. Her little friend, Teddy, (whether one likes dogs or not) is another character in this fantastic series. I can't put them down once I begin. I read quickly...then read them again--on my Kindle, of course!
Brenda Burke April 2, 2011
Again this young lady has done a wonder, outstanding, great, or any other word that is great. I won't be surprised if Hollywood doesn't call and have her write the screen plays for her books. This author keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat. I haven't finished the third book yet, but will, just want people to know how good it is so far. Just like the other book of hers.
Don Wilson May 6, 2011
A book you'll want to share with others. Interesting characters, surprising plot twists, and a fun read. If this is the first Jillian Bradley book you've read, you'll want to go back and read the earlier volumes and you 'll eagerly await the next!
CinCinAZ Dec. 8, 2011
I enjoy mysteries that explore different expertises and subcultures. This one was nice because I'd read the "Orchid Thief" book, so I had some background on it that was really good. This book built on the knowledge I already had and gained some great characters. I'd recommend it as a book to read for fun and to explore a gardening world. Oh, also, I had not read the first book and that wasn't a problem. Recommended read.

Mike Feb. 9, 2012
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